The Making of Latest Collection

Manufacture insights & style dilemmas

The making of the latest Delato boardshorts version has been quite a long journey. Progressing is always something that starts from previous experiences. What worked? Something didn’t? Can we do better?

The 014 Collection (aka The Italian Job) was made of a stretchy kind of fabric that was technically great but also not very lasting. We felt we had to go back at the microfiber that was used for our very first collection (The Roots). At the same time we knew for a fact that it was somehow too thick and difficult to dry.

Delato Legendary Boardshorts Fabric Color Selection

Delato Legendary Boardshorts Fabric Color Selection

The solution in a way was already there: a lighter version of our old favorite fabric. The prototypes were just great so we knew we were on the right path.

Next step was choosing colors and patterns. As usual we like to keep things simple so we went for style over glamour.

As a result, hope you’ll love a Long Mod with fixed Grey waist and contour colors and mixed body shades, and the Short Mod which works the other way around.


We went over every single detail for the new version and all of your suggestions were considered.

In fact some of you complained about the lace rings that were not strong enough on past versions. Well, we ‘re happy to tell you that the new set up has wider, longer lasting plastic backups.

The Making Of Latest Delato Boardshorts Collection

Pocket Printing – The Very New Lace Rings – Sewings Tests

More: sewing, single or double? Once again we opted for the old single seam, it has that squashy feel that works with our modern retro look (vintage, is what the cool guys call that)

For the first time the back pocket has a print on the inside, you know… the message matter.

The beloved bag carries some news as well, look at the new visual with recycling suggestions and an original handmade eco skin lock on the ropes ties.

The big D

Our logo finally underwent to some redesign, evolving into a big D (for Delato, obviously!). But if you use your imagination and have a little knowledge of what we’re all about, it might remind you of a drone view of a perfect A-Frame break.

The big D is now showing on the front left leg and on the back pocket flap. Cool, isn’t it?

(Hey you nostalgic folks don’t despair, our classic fishy logo is still there on the back!)

Delato Logo On Legendary Boardshorts

Here it is. The Fishy Logo On The Back

If we didn’t convince you (or if you want more pics of the production stages) have a look also at the gallery.

Grab your pair of Delato Legendary Sidelaced Trunks, forgot bulk, frets and annoyances under your belly, be the coolest of your beach, and you’re going to surf, like you’ve never surf before.

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