To cut a long story short:

I am in San Vincent, waiting to embark two days later to transfer a sailboat from there to Cartaghena. As a good swell was coming from the North, I decide to take a flight in the morning to go catch some waves in nearby Barbados, together with friends from there.

7am and I’m at the airport. Plane overbooked, got to wait for the evening flight. So I find myself with my boards and baggage and many hours to kill. I decide to dump my baggage there, take my favourite board and grab a cab. The driver was a local rastaman in his 70’s called ‘Bum Bum’. I asked him if he knew any good north facing surfing spot.

‘Surfing, you know, the one without the sail…’   

‘Got it!’, he said, and so we headed off in search for waves.

As I’m still wandering where this freak is taking me to, we finally come across an infinite right point called “Bia Bou Bay”. Now it’s just me, my board and I’m wearing some lame surf trunks I got from a kiosk at the airport to save time unpacking.

I was alone in the water.

That swell hit as expected. Tons of waves and miles of paddling, while…

Surf Wax melting onto the front rope ties, velcro rash on my pelvis, a bulk under my belly. I really wish I was wearing something different, why can’t all this stuff be on my side?

That’s how, in conclusion, the idea for Delato Boardshorts was born.

It was the 9th of January,2011.

Matteo Piccoli aka Mr. Smalls


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